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Apart from the impact we make when we minister the heart of 13thFLOOR is to cultivate growth in the lives of our students. We seek to create an environment that not only teaches content but facilitates personal sense-making. These are processes in which individuals are made aware of discrepancies between their walk and their talk, and in which these discrepancies are addressed and balanced. We seek to help our students discover or become aware of such discrepancies, and then challenge them to change. In challenging them to change we seek to help turn the heart and not just the behaviour.

A core part of this environment is a tremendous commitment by our staff members to mentor students as they (the staff) facilitate cell groups, Bible study groups and other edifying processes. These group (and sometimes individual sessions) create time for discussion and reflection in hopes to enhance personal integration and life change.

We are committed to develop our students in the following areas:

We desire to see them grow spiritually to a place of having a real and intimate relationship with God, understanding and functioning from their identity in Christ and pursuing God’s unique call for their lives.

We desire to see them grow in character and conduct to a place of (eventually in life) being “mature and complete, not lacking anything” James 1:4.

We desire to build leaders that will make a significant difference whereever God calls them to, be it in ministry or in the market place.

Our staff, curriculum and structure seek to partner with the Holy Spirit to move students from where they are currently closer and closer to our goals, and create in them the desire to take this growth process further once they leave 13thFLOOR.


* Production preparation (dance training, rehearsals etc.)

* Spiritual and emotional development and preparation for ministry.

The development of our team members is of great importance to 13thFLOOR! This happens directly through formal training and indirectly through the challenges each member faces through the year.

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