13thFLOOR is all about impact and growth


13thFLOOR’s core values are Holiness, Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, Excellence, Accountability, and Love.


13thFLOOR is a kingdom minded ministry that has ministered in South Africa and throughout the world since 1995. We exist to break open to people the truth and reality of Jesus Christ who lives in us. Our target market is youth. Our primary means of impacting the world is by means of the arts, speaking to the youth in a language they understand. Our primary means of cultivating growth within the young people who serve as volunteers for a year or more of their lives, is firstly by means of teaching and training processes, but specifically walking alongside them through mentoring processes that always point to Christ.

13thFLOOR’s broader ministry focus impacts numerous communities in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and in the past, the USA, England and various countries in Europe. Our biggest passion is equipping young leaders to be God-loving influencers in South Africa, and in the world. We aim to equip our volunteer members to become disciple-makers – to understand how to present Jesus to all people through their lives, through their words, and first and foremost through their love.

We also aim to be an agent in the kingdom that supports the church and also points people towards the church. We believe the church is fundamental within the body of Christ and we take up our role in the kingdom as part of the church as a whole, but also to support the institutionalized church.



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