#Imagine 2014 Movement

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Written by Alzabeth Delport The #Imagine Movement kicked off with a powerful #Imagine 2014 Experience! The youth of South Africa are buzzing with excitement for our Saviour, Jesus Christ. According to Gielie Loubser, one of the initiators of the event, a revival is active in South Africa amongst our youth. He states that he felt led in 2012 to be a part of this movement, 40 years after the revival in 1974. Various people and groups sensed and shared the urgency of the Spirit and this is how this year’s event,more importantly, the ‘movement’ came into being. #Imagine was held in Gauteng as well as the Western Cape. 13thFLOOR was visible and created a cosy feel in Gauteng. This included our coffee shop, marketing booth and photo booth, the radio station that...

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#Imagine in partnership with 13thFLOOR

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Written by Alzabeth Delport #Imagine 2014 has our youth and its leaders excited. The media is talking and writing about it, social media are buzzing and the TV is broadcasting the advertisement. #imagine is taking place in Gauteng and the Western Cape on 21-23 March 2014 and there are only a few days left before registration closes. God has been blessing the preparation process of #imagine and we believe that this gathering is living in His heart for South Africa’s youth for 2014. #Imagine will offer our youth the opportunity to get to know their Maker and Redeemer; just imagine the next generation’s leaders standing boldly for Jesus’ Name! This is what we do at 13thFLOOR, standing for Jesus in conveying His sacrifice through stories told by means of the...

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Valentine’s Day, Come Fly Away With Me.

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Written by Alzabeth Delport  13thFLOOR enjoyed a dazzling Valentines Ball at our base at L’Aquila.  The theme being, “Come fly away with me”. Three weeks ago we could not imagine our team members with make-up or a fine suit while battling through the challenging Adventure Camp with none of these luxuries. This evening however, the ladies looked sparkling and radiant, while the guys looked stylishly amazing. The ‘flight’ took off at 7pm with background music, photos, chit chats and love in the air. The tables were decorated with old maps cut out in heart-shapes and paper jets which arrived at their destinations next to our plates. The photo booth was decorated with a basket from which balloons were floating, creating the illusion of a hot air balloon to fly away...

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Improvisational Acting Workshop

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Our teams are passionately busy preparing for the shows we will be touring with throughout the year. Improvisational acting will form part of our weekly activities during the visit to the towns’ schools.Burgert Kirstenused to be in 13thFLOOR and now boasts a Master’sdegree in Industrial Psychology with a focus on Improvisational acting. We’re honoured to have him coach us! Having said this, have you ever tried counting up to 3 with a friend, while each of you skip a number while the other fills the gap? Well try it! This was only 1 game Burgert had us play.This specific game taught ushow to listen to the person in front of us – rather than creating a method to avoid listening and focusing on doing the exercise right. Seeing that we are still unfamiliar with...

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