#Imagine 2014 Movement

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Written by Alzabeth Delport

The #Imagine Movement kicked off with a powerful #Imagine 2014 Experience! The youth of South Africa are buzzing with excitement for our Saviour, Jesus Christ. According to Gielie Loubser, one of the initiators of the event, a revival is active in South Africa amongst our youth. He states that he felt led in 2012 to be a part of this movement, 40 years after the revival in 1974. Various people and groups sensed and shared the urgency of the Spirit and this is how this year’s event,more importantly, the ‘movement’ came into being.

#Imagine was held in Gauteng as well as the Western Cape. 13thFLOOR was visible and created a cosy feel in Gauteng. This included our coffee shop, marketing booth and photo booth, the radio station that streamed live from the coffee shop, as well as the MC’s who created a fun filled vibe amongst the crowd.

#Imagine 2014was an experience of a lifetime.Julita Kok, coordinator of the Western Cape’s event, admits to having various challenges in their arrangements. Their venue, for instance, was changed two months prior to the event. She states that the sight of over 3000 tents being pitched on the campsite amazed her while she was driving her quad bike all around the site, making sure that everything runs smoothly. The teenagers and leaders pitched their own tents and attended the unforgettable teaching and praise-and-worship sessions.People cared and prayed for one-another, they took the opportunity to accept Christ into our lives, participate in the various activities,make many new friends and of course attempted to break the air guitar world record. This activity involved a person on stage pretending to play the guitar followed by the audience’s imitation of him.

Louis Britz, co-initiator of the event, writes on his Facebook page: “…It is more anointed than I could imagine. It is holy chaos the way revival always is…Many many many gave their lives to Jesus tonight”. Lindie Prinsloo, national project manager of #imagine, confirmed this by noticing the change in the youth visible in the answers to the posed questions on the Imagine 2014 Facebook page. She states that there were 2900 attendees in Gauteng and 3900 in Western Cape, amounting to nearly 7000 children and their leaders who can take the good news of Jesus Christ into the world.

#Imagine is not attached to any denomination.It is a brand representing are viral and revolutionary movement, infiltrating every Christian assembly and bringing Christians from various denominations back to the heart of God. #Imagine 2014 is done, but the movement is continuing and the arrangements for10-12 April 2015 are in many dedicated volunteers’ hands. We trust that the Lord will keep the flame burning brightly in all “Imagineers’” hearts as we are confronted with the world’s views and circumstances after this amazing experience.

#Imagine 2014’s live CD’s are still available on order at imaginecd2014@gmail.com.Scholars are also welcome to contact 13thFLOOR on the contact detail available on this website (www.13thfloor.net) giving through their details as potential future gap-year students at 13thFLOOR. Visit the Facebook pages of Imagine 2014 and 13thFLOOR for pictures and videos of the event. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in our country and we are actively busy changing the world, starting in our own environments.

#imagine aerial shot


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