#Imagine in partnership with 13thFLOOR

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Written by Alzabeth Delport

#Imagine 2014 has our youth and its leaders excited. The media is talking and writing about it, social media are buzzing and the TV is broadcasting the advertisement. #imagine is taking place in Gauteng and the Western Cape on 21-23 March 2014 and there are only a few days left before registration closes.

God has been blessing the preparation process of #imagine and we believe that this gathering is living in His heart for South Africa’s youth for 2014. #Imagine will offer our youth the opportunity to get to know their Maker and Redeemer; just imagine the next generation’s leaders standing boldly for Jesus’ Name!

This is what we do at 13thFLOOR, standing for Jesus in conveying His sacrifice through stories told by means of the performing arts.

This is the reason why we will be proactive at #imagine Gauteng. 13thFLOOR will run a coffee shop with our vibrant team as waiters, serving the most mouth-watering cake in Pretoria, delicious cappuccinos and virgin cocktails.  We will run a radio station with professional DJ, Edmund Kuter, also a former 13thFLOOR member.  This station will be linked to the internet for parents to listen in on the event’s happenings; we will exhibit our 13thFLOOR booth, manage the performances on stage and do exclusive Gap-year auditions for 2015. 13thFLOOR’s team members will also be leading small youth groups where the youth will have the opportunity to discuss interesting topics and tell their stories.

We urge the youth to partake in everything we offer while they will sleep in tents, attend fun-filled teachings, play games, attend workshops, meet 13thFLOOR’s members at our stand and coffee shop behind the stage, chill with friends, learn more about God, praise-and-worship, dance, meet hundreds of teenagers around the country, talk to their group-leaders and attempt to break the World Record for the largest group of people playing air guitar.

#Imagine is by far the most exciting youth event South Africa will see in 2014 and our youth needs to be a part of it!


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