Improvisational Acting Workshop

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Our teams are passionately busy preparing for the shows we will be touring with throughout the year. Improvisational acting will form part of our weekly activities during the visit to the towns’ schools.Burgert Kirstenused to be in 13thFLOOR and now boasts a Master’sdegree in Industrial Psychology with a focus on Improvisational acting. We’re honoured to have him coach us!

Having said this, have you ever tried counting up to 3 with a friend, while each of you skip a number while the other fills the gap? Well try it!

This was only 1 game Burgert had us play.This specific game taught ushow to listen to the person in front of us – rather than creating a method to avoid listening and focusing on doing the exercise right. Seeing that we are still unfamiliar with each other in these early days of the year, it also worked well as an ice breaker to get to know each other’s names.

Pink Mokwena is a first year student here at 13thFLOOR and she learnt that you must focus on what the other person is sayingin order for you not to miss out on what is being communicatedto you. She also feels that you can mess up two-way communicationif you are not open to listen to others. In everyday life she finds that we often stagnate in our thoughts when we do not allow others’ viewpoints into our lives. This ultimately also reflects on our relationships with God and His hand in co-writing our stories. When we listen to His voice and focus on what He says, it is easier to respond to His guidance.

During tour we will make use of these improvisational skillsto teach both in Life Orientation classes and in ministry performances at high schools. Burgert is an industrial psychologist and improvisational theatre actor/coach. He and his sister, Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren, founded their business,Playing Mantis,in 2009 and has since travelled all around South Africa doing improvisational workshops working with companies such asOld Mutual, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic and SAB Miller.

Burgert states that improvisational acting is about being comfortable with yourself in various situations and he asks the question:

“How do you live a good life without a script?”

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