We offer and host a variety of projects at 13thFLOOR including:


If you feel that God may be calling you to become part of our ministry, keep on reading… 13thFLOOR is a full-time commitment of at least a year. To apply, either contact Lindsey at our office 0610863073, or download all the relevant application forms from our site. These forms have to be filled out and mailed to our office. Then phone us to set up a date for your audition!

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Youth Weeks

13thFLOOR presents youth week and weekend packages that inspire young people and revitalize a youth community. Our ministry team is standing ready to partner with your church or community. We would love to discuss future opportunities with you. This could simply be to present a youth service or it could be to strategise around a three year plan that involves 13thFLOOR and your community.

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13 on Air

Please feel free to have a a read on what we are up to at

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