Youth Weeks



Do you want to see change in the youth of your community? 13thFLOOR’s vision (Click Here to read about our Vision) is to impact communities through our unique product and philosophy (Click Here to read about our Philosophy).

We have a team of 30 students and 5 full time staff members that tour throughout South Africa partnering with churches to connect with young people and help them connect with God.

We can either serve your community with a full week of performances and ministry or we can offer a shorter weekend package with a high impact product. Our products include 2 full length shows that are a combination of actors putting together a great story, a live band carrying the show with all original music, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop dancers flooding the stage with energy and passion, and video and multi-media effects adding extra flavour to the pot. We also offer a more conventional product that typically replaces a Sunday evening service. Our Sunday evening show is innovative and fresh, yet astill appropriate to serve as a Sunday service. Then we have a worship band that offers a full evening of worship. After all that is why we do all of this, because God is our reason for living!

After shows the 13thFLOOR students and staff spend time connecting with the kids. This could mean just listening where no-one has ever listened. It could mean engaging in deeper conversation explaining God’s truth within their unique situations and stories. Or it could mean praying with them, leading them to salvation, or praying for God’s presence in their hurt.

While we serve in the community we visit schools presenting life-orientation classes on social issues that have a spiritual foundation. And we do promotion for the week with short 15-30 minute promotional performances. These are essential to create a following for the week!

The youth weeks are divided into 4 touring cycles.   13thFLOOR tries to host a touring cycle in a specific geographical area or province to be able to focus more on one area at a time and to limit traveling expenses.











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