Valentine’s Day, Come Fly Away With Me.

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The ladies V-Ball

Written by Alzabeth Delport

 13thFLOOR enjoyed a dazzling Valentines Ball at our base at L’Aquila.  The theme being, “Come fly away with me”.

Three weeks ago we could not imagine our team members with make-up or a fine suit while battling through the challenging Adventure Camp with none of these luxuries. This evening however, the ladies looked sparkling and radiant, while the guys looked stylishly amazing.

The ‘flight’ took off at 7pm with background music, photos, chit chats and love in the air. The tables were decorated with old maps cut out in heart-shapes and paper jets which arrived at their destinations next to our plates. The photo booth was decorated with a basket from which balloons were floating, creating the illusion of a hot air balloon to fly away in. We had a feast in a delightfully lit ambience and after the food landed in our tummies, another flight departed on the dance floor.  We are after all lovers of these kinds of floors.

As final announcement at our evening ‘flight’, the DJ played commercial artist, John Legend’s song, ‘All of me’.

After a lovely evening I could reflect on God’s love for us and the intimacy we share with Him.  The mere thought of it often leaves me floating on cloud nine.  In a spiritual sense I can truly relate to Legend’s song, a total surrendering of the self onto God.  It is in actual fact such a dear relationship as we of often treasure with your partner, just of course deeper and better.  This is where Jesus becomes our Valentine, our Bridegroom.




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